Smart Polish

€ 26,95

Formulated to refine paint utilizing micro-fine polishing agents that quickly remove, not cover, mild imperfections, oxidation, scratches and swirls to restore and revive paint to pristine condition.

Smartpolish premium blend of polymers and acu-cut powders delivers a superior finish on all surfaces while enabling the user to control the aggressiveness of the polish. Smartpolish can be used by hand as a paintwork cleanser+polish, and excels
with machine use on tougher jobs.

Smartpolish is body shop and clear coat safe, with no fillers, waxes or silicones; simply a pure premium polish formulated for the finest finish. Use smartpolish as a paintwork cleaner on old, new and like-new paint finishes prior to application of a smartwax or smartsealant for a stunning, high gloss shine.